Professional WA Octopus Fishery Achieves World-Leading Milestone

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WA’s seafood industry has achieved another milestone with Western Australia’s global-leading octopus fishery receiving the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification which highlights the highest level of sustainability a fishery can achieve.

CEO of the WA Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC), Alex Ogg, said the certification was a huge achievement for Western Australia’s world-class seafood industry which again goes to showcase WA’s commitment to ensuring the community has access to ethical and sustainably sourced, local seafood.

“This is a major achievement for our octopus fishery which is only the second octopus fishery in the world to attain MSC certification.”

“Western Australian octopus comes from the pristine waters of WA, ranging from Shark Bay to the South Australian border, and the story behind the beloved species is one of success. We have seen the species transition from a bait product, to a highly-sought species that is adored by seafood consumers and renowned chefs across the world.”


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