Clarke’s of North Beach Perth


Clarke’s of North Beach Perth

The restaurant has received numerous awards and is located in the coastal community of North Beach. Chef Stephen Clarke mentors and leads a varied workforce of ambitious individuals.

Clarke’s of North Beach, a long-standing favorite on Perth’s dining scene, provides a really memorable fine-dining experience. Chef Stephen Clarke owns and operates this inviting dining room, which is decorated in brown and white to provide a friendly atmosphere that allows customers to relax and enjoy the contemporary cooking on offer. Choose the eight-course degustation meal with matching wines for the ultimate Clarke’s experience.

Confidence and old-school craftsmanship go hand in hand with crisp white linen. That’s fine dining as Stephen Clarke sees it. So many culinary geniuses may learn a thing or two about hospitality by incorporating some of Clarke’s timeless sounds.

Clarke has developed a royal-fan club of devotees who regularly cross suburbs for the technically perfect, heart-achingly gorgeous meals he once served for the Queen since opening an unprepossessing shopfront restaurant in North Beach in 2003.

Stephen Clarke, the chef, and owner, and his award-winning crew take delight in obtaining the best local foods Perth has to offer.

Chef Stephen has won the “Catering Institute of Australia” Chef of the Year award three times and the “Restaurant and Catering Institute” Chef of the Year award twice. He was voted Perth’s “Good Food Guide” Chef of the Year in 2012, and his two-star restaurant continues to get awards.

Clarke’s team of cooks has won gold at the World Association of Chef Societies Olympics in both the junior and senior categories. Stephen continues to donate to local charities and non-profits.

Clarke used to work for a Count and Countess who loved country sports, and it shows in his game dishes, which are his specialty, and in his painstakingly created Mottainai lamb “done three ways,” which includes shoulder, ribs, and a short loin, an overnight bone press, a four-hour braise, a two-hour roast, and a pan-fry in lamb fat.

The stock placed in classic kitchen skills is reinforced by duck confit served with mushroom broth and celeriac baked in a saltbush-infused crust.

It all adds up to a complete dining experience, complete with house-baked bread rolls with perfectly salted butter, high-end tableware, and attentive waitstaff.

Yes, there are foams, gels, emulsions, and dots, but none of them are unnecessary – each flourish and swirl contributes to the overall flavor experience.

The seven-course meal takes some time to get through, but it’s a journey worth spending your time with, especially if you add the wine pairing.

Clarke’s remains a traditional, white-gloved bulwark against the fast-casual trend. It’s all there: classically modern, restrained, intelligent, and gorgeous. You don’t even need a flashlight to read the menu.



97 Flora Terrace. North Beach WA 6020
04 33 34 06 76



Thursday 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Friday 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Saturday 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Sunday – Wednesday closed