Foodie Adventure Tours in Australia

It’s no longer just about adventure tours Australia – now tourists from overseas & locals want foodie adventure tours! Here’s some tasty trips of a lifetime …

There was once a time when on an outback adventure tour in Australia all you could expect to eat was damper, barbecued sausages and steak and corn on the cob. Don’t get me wrong, I love a ripping steak cooked in the great Australian outdoors, but for many the times they are a’changing.

Adventure tours are the latest trend in travel in Australian tourism. It’s no longer good enough to see sites and visit places. Today’s travellers want to experience the life, discover the culture and taste the local food and wine on offer. On an adventure tour you can dig down into the culture of the places you visit, meet the locals, learn the culture and experience the local delicacies.

At the end of the holiday you have a greater understanding as well as being refreshed and relaxed. So it’s good that along with a change in people’s wishes the Australian tourism industry has matured to deliver exactly what travellers are looking for and across Australia there are a plethora of Adventure tour options to choose from.

Australia is becoming renowned around the world for its high quality eating options. Every state in the nation has opportunities for tourists to discover the local nature and culture on the holiday of a lifetime.

New South Wales: Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures offers four day adventure tours into the bush to discover the nature, culture and history of rural NSW. With food and wine, native animals, caves tours, historic villages, a farmstay and the opportunity to explore the Blue Mountains on foot or horseback. Wines of the Mudgee and Orange regions are on the menu, as are craft beer from both cities. Straight out of Sydney, check out these adventure tours Australia because they couldn’t be more accessible, or more rewarding!

Tasmania Tasmania Expeditions takes advantage of Tasmania’s wild places to offer the adventure traveller some exciting experiences. Think trekking, cycling, kayaking and white water rafting in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania’s mountain regions. For the traveller looking for action in their holiday, here it is. And at the end of an action packed day the fresh seafood from Tasmania washed down by a local brew could not be more appreciated.

Western Australia – Australia’s largest state has plenty of space for exploration. But also some intimate experiences. Uptuyu adventures is an Aboriginal adventure tour company run by Kimberly local Aboriginal man Neville. With his insider knowledge and personalised treatment you won’t discover a more genuine adventure tour than this. Local Aboriginal bush tucker is something you’ll not have experienced anywhere else, so take advantage of the uniqueness of this experience.

Queensland – Among many other offerings, Queensland has some great rail experiences. Try the Stars and Saddles tour with a train from Brisbane to Charleville. Enjoy camp oven cooked meals, discover yabby racing, and maybe even try eating a locally cooked yabby. It’s a great opportunity to see the Southern stars from the Outback.