Pirate Life X Limeburners Grow Collaborative Series

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South Australian-based brewery Pirate Life has once again teamed up with Western Australian- based distillery Limeburners Whisky, to craft its second limited-edition Whisky Barrel Aged Stout, as part of an iconic collaborative series.

Pioneers within their industries, Limeburners and Pirate Life have combined what they do best, beer and whisky, to create an indulgent Stout that tells a story as much as it tantalises the tastebuds.

The Stout is the result of a relationship built between the Pirate Life and Limeburners teams, which began in 2016 when Limeburners founder and master distiller, Cameron Syme, dropped past Pirate Life to say g’day and offer an impromptu tasting with Pirate Life co-founders Michael Cameron, Jack Cameron and Jared (Red) Proudfoot.

After a few sneaky whiskies and a cleansing ale or two, the crew were convinced that a Whisky Aged Stout created by both iconic brands was something Australia needed.

Both born of malt and water, beer and whisky weave together within the barrel over time to create something that’s true to the Pirate Life’s Hindmarsh Collection while positively influenced by the flavours and provenance of Limeburners Whisky.

Based in Albany, on the edge of Princess Royal Harbour, Limeburners – which recently won World’s Best International Craft Spirit at the American Distilling Institute Awards – attributes much of its success to the provenance of its spirit.

Produced using premium Great Southern grain, the spirit is aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, which soak up a portion of the liquid gold into the wood grain over time. These whisky- infused barrels are then used to age the Whisky Barrel Aged Stout for a rich, complex result.

Pour this beer with relish, and be greeted by the sublime, silky oak barrel scent of fine malt whisky, vanilla, cacao nib, honeyed dates and Blackstrap molasses.

Take a sip and the palate reveals the rich, decadent stout you’d expect, but with a surprising umami, preserved fig and gentle acidity.

Like a great whisky, this beer transforms as it slowly warms in your glass. Those with patience will discover that much like ageing whisky in a barrel, if kept in a cool, dark place this Stout will continue to evolve and surprise.

This year’s release is packaged in two 500ml sleek cans so that eager fans can crack into one upon purchase and save the second for cellaring, allowing the Stout to further develop.


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