Social Manna Cafe

Social Manna Cafe a wonderful place that focuses on serving exceptional coffee and delicious food. They pride themselves on providing their customers with an honest and genuine experience, always upholding the values of integrity. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a great cup of coffee and indulge in some tasty treats.  

Social – Relating to interactions or activities between individuals or groups within a society. It involves the way people connect, communicate, and interact with one another, as well as the norms, customs, and values that shape their behaviour and relationships.

Manna – A metaphorical term used to describe a sudden and unexpected source of gratification, pleasure, or gain. It refers to something that brings unexpected joy, abundance, or relief in a particular situation.

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Social Manna Cafe located in Victoria Park, Perth WA is a food lover’s paradise! With a wide variety of delicious options on the menu, it’s no wonder you might suffer from choice paralysis. From the decadent banana bread bowl with whipped dulce de leche, puffed chocolate buckwheat, banana chips, and salted caramel to the apple-filled mini breakfast doughnuts covered in apple custard and cinnamon oat granola, everything sounds absolutely mouthwatering. And if you’re in the mood for something savoury, their larder eats offer a variety of sausage rolls, pies, quiches, toasted focaccias, salad bowls, and stuffed croissants.

What’s even better is that they brew Pound Coffee beans any way you like it. And if you have a furry friend with you, they are pet-friendly and even have a special dog ‘a’ chino featuring liver sprinkles. Isn’t that adorable?

I also love that Social Manna caters to different dietary preferences. They have alternative lattes like turmeric and beetroot, and the best part is that there’s no surcharge for specialty milks. And of course, they have a wide range of beverages including juices, smoothies, elixirs, soda pop, and milkshakes.


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It’s wonderful that Social Manna takes care of everyone’s taste buds and offers such a diverse menu. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or just a tasty beverage, it seems like you can’t go wrong here. So go ahead and indulge in some tough choices or maybe even order a little bit of everything. Enjoy your visit to Social Manna! 


253 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park
Western Australia, Australia

Ph: 0491 260 941

Instagram: @social.manna
Facebook: @SocialMannaVicPark 
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