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Adrian Gastevski is the Co-Founder and Sales Director of Future Farm Co., a company dedicated to the growth of the plant-based food industry in Australia and New Zealand.

“For some time, the first month of the year has been coined ‘Dry January’. Detoxing from the excesses of the holiday season is inarguably good for our health. In even more recent years, January has also been embraced by the vegan community which they have, perhaps wryly, entitled “Veganuary”.
“Vegans are sometimes unfairly viewed as a ‘fringe’ group of health and fitness junkies. But a tectonic shift is occurring in how Australia is assessing what it’s consuming. We are the third fastest growing market in adapting vegan lifestyles. The sector is expected to be valued at over three billion dollars by 2030.
“There could be several reasons and concerns that are driving consumer activity: sustainable fishing, non-genetically modified foods, organic farming, animal welfare, personal health and wellness, the broader environmental impact of food production. Whatever they are, the movement is undeniably mainstream because an estimated 40% of Australians are actively seeking to reduce their meat intake (often termed “flexitarians”).
“’Veganuary’ is the perfect time to do it. All retailers like IGA, Coles and Woolworth have an amazing range and choice of non-meat, non-fish, plant-based food alternatives. Some are even stocking plant-based meat-like products in the meat and fish sections of the stores.
“Veganuary is a real thing, and it’s not just for vegans. Now is as good a time as ever to eat just a little less meat.”
Adrian Gastevski, director of Future Farm Co.

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