Voyage to the Centre of Sorrento


Voyage Kitchen opened its doors for the first time in January of 2004 with the intention of providing its local Sorrento community with what they felt was lacking at the time, excellent coffee, friendly service, value for money and quality ‘home’ made, fresh food.

The northern side of the current restaurant was formerly a ‘Pizza Hut’ site and a real estate agent. Originally it could only seat 24 customers. Gradually the word spread, the seating capacity increased and the number of customers served everyday grew and grew.

Voyage Kitchen Perth

In January of 2012 they bought the southern side of the restaurant, which was formerly a Chinese restaurant. The two sides were then joined together with the common corridor in the middle, to become what it is today.

Like any small business starting out, the beginning was tough and there was a very steep learning curve until over time Voyage Kitchen arrived at a model that customers wanted, that met with their expectations of menus, prices and service.

workplace compensation lawyersToday it is a thriving business with approximately 70 staff, serving thousands of customers each week. A venue that is continually trying to improve, exceed the customers’ expectations while providing a work place in which the staff can enjoy working, growing and learning

The Vision

Voyage Kitchen aims to provide a place for guests to dine where value is inseparable from values. A place where people can leave feeling good, because they have been welcomed, nourished and satisfied. A place where the ingredients on your plate do not leave a trail of mistreatment or exploitation. There exists an underlying belief that food and drinks should taste good and do you good, that everyone should enjoy the buzz.

The Core Values

Team success is dependent on the combined energy and intelligence of valued staff. Voyage aims to create an environment where motivated team members can reach their highest potential.

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To nourish and satisfy every customer Voyage uses only the highest quality natural ingredients available. Defining quality by evaluating the ingredients freshness, taste, value and appearance.

Animal and Environmental Welfare. It’s often easy to forget that the burger, egg or fish fillet on our plate was once part of an animal. How was that animal raised? How was it treated and what was it fed? Where did it come from? Voyage believes the more you know, the better. The humane treatment of animals and the effect on the environment is of critical importance.

Voyage serves and supports local community. The business is intimately tied to the neighbourhood and larger community in which we all live. Caring for the communities in which we reside is hugely important to our core organisation.

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