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The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) WA strongly endorses the second phase of the WA Government’s $12 million tourism marketing investment, which is targeting several key European markets to drive further growth in holiday visitation to WA.
AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said the tailored campaigns will generate further interest in WA amongst budget through to high value travellers and will deliver a further boost to WA’s accommodation hotels and hospitality businesses.
“The second stage of the WA Government’s additional $12 million investment to market WA to key European markets will build on the record growth in holiday visitation that WA is currently enjoying,” Mr Woods said.
“This multi-faceted campaign that targets UK, Germany and Swiss markets, extends across print, television and online media, offering travellers a number of very affordable packages that holiday makers will find very appealing.”
“With Europe currently in the middle of winter, now is an opportune time to showcase WA’s incredible weather and the multitude of different unique destinations and experiences that we have to offer.”
“Investment in targeted, comprehensive campaigns is absolutely essential, particularly in the increasingly competitive global tourism market.”
“We commend the ongoing efforts of the McGowan Government and in particular the commitment of Tourism Minister Paul Papalia in prioritising the pursuit of tourism growth, which directly benefits WA’s accommodation and hospitality industry and the thousands of jobs it supports.”

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